The major constraint of this course is to understand the analytical and numerical techniques of computing solution of non-linear algebraic system of equations, non-linear equations, ordinary and partial differential equations. Moreover this also comprises of optimization theory, approximation theory, interpolation techniques and methods of computing quadrature. Mathematics software packages like Maple and Mat lab will be used throughout the course to obtain numerical results/simulations. 

This course aims to provide students with technical and theoretical knowledge of current wireless communication systems in operation today, as well as emerging mobile communication technologies and standards   

This course is designed to develop the application of written, oral and interpersonal communication

in the business management environment. By virtue of this course students will refine their skills as

business communicators through assigned cases, exercises as well as in-class presentations, critique

and discussion. A high level of competency in spoken and written English is assumed.

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This course is designed to help Students of SUKKUR IBA understand and use LMS. In this course you will be shown videos tutorials and experience various LMS activities.