This course consists of an in-depth knowledge development and practical working of the different perspectives and methodologies for conducting research in business arena. A thorough understanding of the methods and processes of business research is the key component of this course. It looks at the concept of research, both original and applied, and examines how information can provide a greater understanding of business and its successful management. Learning and application will be attained through course materials, Case Studies, Class activities, written assignments, research proposal and final research report.

The subject aims to provide students with understanding of economic theories and their analysis in the field of development economics. The course is designed to build the students’ understanding regarding the issues and problems facing the developing economies. The subject also enhances students’ global perspective in terms of global socio-economic issues worldwide.

This course deals with human behavior in organizations. Conceptual frameworks, case discussions, and skill-oriented activities are applied to course topics which include: motivation, learning and development, group dynamics, leadership, communication, power and influence, change, diversity, organizational design, and culture. It provides the student with the tools to understand and evaluate individual, group and organizational processes. This course is intended to help participants acquire skills and analytic concepts to improve organizational relationships and effectiveness. The student will also gain an appreciation of the relevance of the study of organizational behavior.