Linear Algebra course for BE

Practice of basics laws of electrical engineering and devices by hands on practice

Course Aim & Objectives:

  • To broaden the spectrum of student’s abilities in Electrical Machines by expanding the concepts, teaching and demonstration. They are examined in the topics they learn.


On Completion of this course, a student is mostly able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of energy sources and their conversions, machine circuits and different analysis methods.
  • Understanding the key concepts of construction of Electric Machines.
  • Differentiate, identify and operate the Electrical Machines.
  • Tell construction, operation & application of conventional machines.
  • Explain behavioral problems and characteristics of the machines.
  • Understand how power generation station is controlled.

Learning Methods

Lecture slides, Examples solution on Matlab, Demonstrations, Group projects, Tutorial assignments, Revisions.

This is required course for electrical and electronics engineering. The goal of the course is to:

  • Introduce students to Industrial processes
  • Design of industrial sensors
  • Design thermal, mechanical and optical sensors
  • Introduce different types of actuators and the power electronics for their drive
  • Design of discrete industrial controllers, ladder control and PLC’s.
  • Survey Controller modes and design of controllers.