Mathematics Content Course I focuses on developing B. Ed. (Elementary) program participants’ mathematical knowledge, skills and competencies required at grade IX and X level and beyond. This course is offered as a second content course in the series of four content courses required for the participants specializing in Teaching of Mathematics. The course is purposed to develop participants’ strong conceptual understanding, procedural proficiency, problem solving, and mathematical thinking skills.

Contents of the course are based on contents suggested for grade IX and X Mathematics in the National Curriculum of Pakistan. Participants of the B.Ed Elementary program are required to complete four Math content courses,covering the contents from grade I to grade XII as suggested in the national curriculum. The General Math course covers contents from grade I to grade VIII, Math content Course I covers further two grades, that is, grade IX to grade X, Math content course II, covers further grade XI and some of the content of grade XII and Math content course III, in continuation, covers further remaining level of grade XII.